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Air Conditioning

Interstate carries top of the line RUUD and Mitsubishi Air Conditioners.  With ductless, the benifits of central air are avalible for everyone.

Air Conditioning

Central AC is the best way to cool and dehumidify your home.  A central air conditioner is more powerful, more quiet, and more energy efficient than trying to cool your house with window air conditioners.

Traditional air conditioning options, such as our RUUD split systems, involve placing a coil directly above the furnace in the plunum.  A condenser is then placed outside and attached to the coil.  The coil gets very cold, and the blower in your furnace blows warm air from the house over the coil, where it is cooled and dehumidified, to the supply vents around the house.

Ductless air conditioners do not need you to have a forced air furnace, and are the perfect solution for homes with boilers or other forms of heat.  They are also a great option if you are only worried about cooling one area of your house. 


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