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Mitsubishi Mr. Slim ductless air conditioners bring the comfort and power or central air conditioning to homes that could not typically support AC.  Ductless air conditioning is perfect for homes with boilers or hot spots.  Interstate is an elite diamond contractor for Mitsubishi. Interstate is the place to go  for ductless air conditioning in Central NY and the Finger Lakes to keep you cool.

Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

Why Ductless?


Many manufacturers require their dealer's to be captive dealers, meaning that they can only sell that product.  We refuse to become a captive dealer, which means we will never sell you something we don't believe is high quality.

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim ductless air conditioners are the tested true, and have been available in the US since 1982.  In the past few years their efficiency, power, and popularity have all skyrocketed.

Mitsubishi also offers a heat pump varrient, allowing you to get additional heat through the same unit.  With their HyperHeat Technology, you can run your heatpump at full efficeny at -13 degrees Farenheight at full efficiency.


Heat & Cool Homes/Rooms Without DUCTing


Mr. Slim units can cool any part of your home.  Traditional central air conditioning systems hooked into the same ducting your furnace uses.  With these all in one air conditioning units, we can install air conditioning in any home, and in any room, ducting or not.

Great Warrenty


Interstate Heating is a Diamond Elite Contractor through Mitsubishi. Our installers have all been trained by Mitsubishi to get us this status.  We now get to offer an extra 5 years on the warranty.  Mitsubishi offers a 7 year warranty standard, but if you go with Interstate for your contractor you get a 12 year warranty.   This is easily one of the best warranties avaliable.

Heat and Cool EFFICIENTLy 


Mr. Slim ductless units are super efficient because of Mitsubishi's inverter technology.  They are nearly 3x more efficient than a window AC and nearly 2x as efficient as standard central AC system, saving you money on your bills.