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Expired: Increased NYSEG/RG&E Rebates

Doubled Rebates have Ended

Double the Savings

NYSEG has often had rebates on installs of high efficiency heating equipment - but these new rebates are much higher than what we normally see from NYSEG.

The rebates have doubled from the normal standards between September 1st and November 30th, with the largest rebate clocking in at $1,000 dollars.


List of rebates from NYSEG's website.


With savings like this, it is the perfect time to save money every year by getting a high efficiency heater.

If you currently have an 80% furnace (Which can be identified by the furnace exhausting into a chimey.  If it is using PVC, it is high efficency), then you could start saving 100's of dollars every year by using high a high efficiency furnace.  With 80% furnace, if you spend $2,000 dollars to heat your home, $400 dollars of that fuel is being wasted.  If you have a 97% efficiency furnace, you would only be wasting $60 of fuel, a $340 savings per year.

The furnaces featured in the rebate also have an ECM blower.  This is different than a traditional furnace because "normal" furnaces are either on or off.  This means when you are heating the furnace runs at full blast, then turns off until the house cools down, then runs at full blast again.  This can make the house feel hot and then cool, instead of staying at a constant tempurature.  It also wastes fuel "warming up" each time it runs. 

With an ECM blower, your furnace will run at full power to get to the desired temperature, and then run at a lower power to maintain that temperature, keeping you more comfortable and saving fuel.