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RUUD Achiever AC

RUUD air conditioners are rated as the #1 air conditioner on Consumer Reports.  Working quietly and efficently to keep your home cool, RUUD is an easy choice. 

RUUD Acheiver Air Conditioning



Many manufacturers require their dealer's to be captive dealers, meaning that they can only sell that product.  We refuse to become a captive dealer, which means we will never sell you something we don't believe is high quality.

RUUD air conditioners are high quality, low maintanence, good looking units.


Rated Most Reliable air conditioner


RUUD is tied with Rheem for the most reliable air conditioner on consumer reports.  These ratings are based on the feedback of 1000's of home owners just like you.  This means less repairs and headaches, and more money left in your pocket.

Stay Comfortable


It is hot enough to run an air conditioner for about 1/3 of the year.  Why would you want to live a third of your life feeling hot, sweaty, and sticky?  Your house is your place to relax - make it comfortable.

quiet & efficent operation


Window AC's are noisy and very inefficent on power, while only barley cooling your house.  With a central air conditioning system, your house will stay the temperature you want it at, without all the noise, and while saving you money.