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RUUD Package Combo

RUUD Combo Package units are the perfect option for modular and mobile homes.  They give you heating and cooling in an all in one unit that goes outside, which is safe and quiet.

RUUD Heat+Cool Package Units



Many manufacturers require their dealer's to be captive dealers, meaning that they can only sell that product.  We refuse to become a captive dealer, which means we will never sell you something we don't believe is high quality.

RUUD Heating and Cooling Package Units are perfect for mobile and modular home.  They supply you with a gas furnace as well as an air conditioner all in on unit that sits outside.


Heating and cooling


RUUD Heat and Cool Package units all contain a 80% gas furnace to keep you warm through the winter and a 13 SEER Air conditioner built right into the same unit.

Reclaim your space


Removing the furnace from your house leaves that space to be used how you see fit.  It makes for the perfect closet, just put in a floor.

quiet operation


Trailer furnaces are loud.  Having your furnace outside gets rid of the annoying blower noise, and is safer than having a furnace inside.  Add a built in air conditioner and it is a no brainier.