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RUUD Ultra

RUUD ULTRA Series furnaces are top of the line, money saving machines.  Contact us for a free quote today.

RUUD ULTRA Series Furnace



Many manufacturers require their dealer's to be captive dealers, meaning that they can only sell that product.  We refuse to become a captive dealer, which means we will never sell you something we don't believe is high quality.

RUUD Ultra Series furnaces are top of the line.  With a 96% and a 97% efficency model, you are going to save a ton of money on your fuel bills.  Combine that with RUUD's reputation and their great warranty and you'll see it's an easy choice.




With efficiency ratings up to 97%, a ULTRA Series furnace will save you significant amounts of money on your fuel bills over an older 80% furnace.



RUUD has included a new ignition system in their ULTRA Series furnaces, called the PlusOne Ignition system.  This is a more reliable system, which means less work for you.



ULTRA Series furnaces have ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) blower, as well as multiple stages.  Normally furnaces are on or off, but RUUD ULTRA Series furnaces can run at lower power when they do not need to be fully on, keeping your home at a more stable comfortable tempurature.